Cub Scout Pack 81
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A Cub Scout program is only as good as the leaders and parent volunteers
supporting the program. Each family will be expected to volunteer for a minimum of 2
activities during the year. Activities can range from buying food, serving on the Blue
& Gold decorations committee to assisting with fundraising and camping events. Sign
up early for an activity. Vacancies will be assigned to those who have not

Pack 81 is lucky to have a dedicated set of leaders. However, there is a need for
additional leadership positions for this year and next.

PLEASE HELP!! - Many long time members of Pack 81 have moved on
to Boy Scouts. There is a big need for leadership positions. The pack is looking for
people to step up and volunteer for these positions so our program can maintain its

Committee Chair
Ruta Fiorino
Cub Master
Glen Hertzberg
Assistant Cub Master
Assistant Cub Master
Susan Gincley
Susan Austin
Press Releases
Amy McKenna
Tiger Leader
Frank Pizzella
Assistant Tiger Leader
John McEwen
Wolf Leader
Barry Peterson
Assistant Wolf Leader
Tamara Peterson
Bear Leader
Assistant Bear Leader
Webelos 1 Leader
Susan Gincley
Assistant Webelos 1 Leader
Julie VanDyken
Webelos 2 leader  
Assistant Webelos 2 Leader
Popcorn Kernel
Susan Austin
Fright Night Coordinator
Glen Hertzberg
Awards & Advancement
  John Gincley

        2012-2013 Cub Pack 81 Committee Roster
     Sponsored by Hillsdale United Method Church
Contact: Committee Chair- Ruta Fiorino: or Cubmaster Glen
Hertzberg: for more details and to volunteer for an activity.