Cub Scout Pack 81
Proper Uniform

Where do all of these patches
and awards go?!

This question has been asked many times,
by many people, so here we go:

(Click any image below to enlarge it)

This is what the uniforms look like

Now... what about the rest of the stuff?

For openers, you will notice in these pictures that the scouts are wearing
BSA uniform pants or shorts.  Here at Pack 81, we feel that the uniform shirt
and insignias are important, but jeans, shorts, etc. are just fine for below the
waist.  You should find something that he can wear a belt with, as the award
that we give the most of are Sports and Academic Belt Loops.

Secondly, in the photo where you can see the boys Unit Numbers, we have
an additional patch which goes between the Council Patch and the Unit
Number.  The 50th Anniversary bar!!  Also of note is that the Quality Unit
Patch should be attached  one inch under the Den Number Patch on the
right sleeve.

The images below are more detailed views of the right sleeve,
right pocket and left pocket. (Click an image to enlarge it)

In the images at the top of this page, you may have noticed
that the WEBELOS uniform is tan.

The tan uniform is the Boy Scout Uniform shirt.  Your son can wear the tan uniform as
a WEBELOS scout (4th and 5th grade), and he'll make a few changes to it and
continue to wear that same tan uniform in Boy Scouts.  Of course, if you "bought big"
and the blue uniform still fits, that's fine!