Cub Scout Pack 81
Pinewood Derby

   Pinewood Derby Races

                          Click here to see Driver Licenses from past years.

There are different rules for the Pinewood Derby depending on which district you may be
racing in.  

Below is a link to the Boy Scout rules for the Pinewood Derby. BSA Pinewood Derby

Pack 81 also follows the following rules:

1- Only the kit we hand out may be used.                                       
2- The length must stay the same and may not be shortened.
3-The Width at the tires must stay the same and may not be changed.   
4- The race number we gave you must be placed on the front of the car.

You can add items to you car as you wish but all items must be securely attached.
Any items that fall off during racing will not be allowed to be re-installed.  

Den Winners - Each den will race against their den members to find a 1st place den
Each 1st place den winner will then be qualified to race in the district Pinewood Derby race
(location and date to be announced). Each 2nd place den winner should keep their car in
good working condition in case the 1st place den winner can not go to the district finials.

Pack Winners - There will also be a 1st - 2nd and 3rd place Pack winners.

The Pinewood Derby takes a lot to run and needs volunteers. Please contact your den
leader or the Cub Master to help.  

We need help with the following:

1 - Set up and take down of the track.
2 - Running the computer racing program.
3 - Racing the cars
4 - Decorating the APR room.
5 - Check in- checking the cars for proper weight and compliance to the rules.
6 - Helping with snacks, popcorn, drinks.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.


The father of the Pinewood Derby®, Donald Murphy, described his vision for the event to
Scouting magazine in 1999: “I wanted to devise a wholesome, constructive activity that
would foster a closer father-son relationship and promote craftsmanship and good
sportsmanship through competition.” As Cub Scouts learn the skill of good sportsmanship,
they are better able to recognize and appreciate the new skills they’ve acquired, to show
respect to all those involved, and to experience the fun and excitement of competition.