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Safe Surf Tip

Think it might be fun for your son to have his own e-mail address?  Think
about this...  s a test, I created free e-mail accounts on several sites, I
never enrolled them on any other sites.  And yet I still started to receive
SPAM (and much of it was entirely inappropriate for a young boy's
eyes!).  If you really want the kids to have their own e-mail addresses, be
prepared to monitor the incoming mail!

By the way... what is SPAM, you ask?  We aren't talking about that
ham-wannabe stuff that comes in those sardine tins that cut up your
hands..  This is much worse!  This is unwanted, unsolicited e-mail.  
Frequently these annoying messages have a link to click to
"unsubscribe".  Beware... these are frequently a smoke-screen.  By
clicking the link, you have actually validated the e-mail address for the
owner of the site.  This problem is bad enough that Congress is already
involved...  so it should be solved for sure in about 20-25 years!!! Have a
topic to suggest? Let me know!!!

In accordance with Megan's Law, the NJ State Police maintain an
Internet registry of known sex offenders and/or sexual predators.
The information contained on that site is for use expressly as a
means of protecting yourself and those in your care.  As of this
writing, I am happy to report that no entries exist in the registry
for Hillsdale or Westwood!   

Check the
website regularly to keep yourself up to date.

Previous Safe Surf Tips

Be aware of what sites your kids visit on the web.  You might leave them
on a nice safe site, but with a few innocent clicks of the mouse, they
could find themselves in very unfriendly places on the web.  Pop-up ads
are a constant source of concern, because they come out of nowhere
and frequently link to sites that are definitely not where we want our kids

The rule of thumb is, if you don't have "Surf-Watch" or "Net-Nanny"
running, you should be prepared to keep an eye on the action!And as
always...  Beware the chat rooms!  Predators abound on the web...

IM is the latest wave to take the web.  There are several flavors (ICQ,
Yahoo-Chat, MSN-Chat, & AIM). Instant Messaging is a great way to
communicate, but do it safely!  Never give out information like your full
name, phone number or address, unless you REALLY know them (not
just "talk to them online a lot.."). IM has given way to a whole new

BTW - By the way...
LOL - laughing out loud
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
BRB - Be right back
TTYL - Talk to you later
... and hundreds more!...

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